CRF Regrants Fund

CRF facilitates investments in climate services coordination and capacity. We define climate services broadly to include multiple climate resilience planning guidance, adaptation trainings, policy guidance, communications, and other resources that enable local decision-makers and practitioners to better understand, anticipate, prepare for and adapt to forthcoming impacts of anthropogenic climate change.

CRF currently focuses on two categories of investment: Coordination and Capacity-Building investments.

Coordination grants focus on advancing coordination (including access to and use) of science-based climate services for the US. Grants sourced through this category will facilitate collaborative undertakings by organizations engaged in providing climate services to communities, resource managers, and other practitioners working at local and regional levels.

Because science in a foundational element to climate adaptation and resilience, this category includes efforts to champion and facilitate the use of science in decision-making. This includes efforts to address the deficit in public support for political leadership on environmental issues broadly as well as for climate action. CRF will solicit ideas and concepts for this category directly or through announcements on our website and through social media and email list-serves.

Capacity-building grants focus on the need to build our collective capacity to facilitate the use of climate services tools and resources by decision-makers in communities, for resource managers, and other practitioners. CRF aims to make capacity-building grants available on a competitive basis to boundary organizations and regional collaboratives on an annual basis. This grantmaking category will target regions or issues that are of shared interest to members of the CRF’s Partners Alliance. As such the topical and geographic focus of grants made in this category will likely vary from year to year.

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